Free flight of the hawk

This is what Feather looks like

Feather is a Healer at the bending tower

Known HistoryEdit

One day the egg that Feather had been siting one for a month had hatched. The Little hawk had black feather unlike Feather and Cloudsky(Cloudsky is Feather's mate). Feather named the Little hawk Firetalon because of his red Talons. A few moons later Cloudsky came back with two wolf pups. The silver one said It's name was Eclipse and the black one said it's name was Fang. Feather Adopted Eclipse and Fang. Firetalon got a long very well with Fang and they start to not play with Eclipse. Later Firetalon and Fang run away to the fire nation. After a few months Firetalon and Fang came back with other fire benders to attack Eclipse. Fire talon killed Cloudsky but not feather or Eclipse. Firetalon, Fang and the other fire bender ran away. Later Eclipse became Feather's apprentice