This is what Eclipse my Fursona looks like

About EclipseEdit

Eclipse has silver fur, black paws and blind blue eyes. She is a wolf that became blind soon after birth. She currently lives at the bending tower and is the healer, with an apprentice. Her real parents are Sol and Scourge. Her brother is Fang and her step brother is Firetalon.


Eclipse was born on July 25th, along with her brother Fang. Eclipse and Fang ran away from the Fire Nation and went to the Bending Tower. There they were found by Cloudsky, and he brought them back to the Bending Tower. Fang and Firetalon started to not pay attention, (partly because she was blind,) to Eclipse and later they both ran away and joined the Fire nation. After they left Eclipse, she started to help Feather with healing. A moon later Firetalon and Fang came back with a few fire benders to attack Eclipse. Cloudsky died in the battle, but Feather and Eclipse survived. Later, Eclipse asked if she could be Feather's apprentice, and she started to train to be a Healer.

Did You Know?Edit

  • Eclipse was made by our Founder Conchitah, as well as Fang and Firetalon.
  • Eclipse has a whole storage of edible berries.
  • She can Fire Bend because she has Firebender Blood, though she doesn't know that.
  • She is based off of Jayfeather from the Warrior Series.
  • She and Firefly like each other.
  • She has the voice of Evanna Lynch.