Ash looks like this wolf


Ash is the main character of the Four Elements of Bending story. Ash is a very dark-gray wolf with black flecks. He is the leader of the Bending Tower, and he is a Water Bender.


Ash's parents are loners named Midnight and Lightning, and they were killed by Fire Benders soon after his birth. He survived by stealing food from wolf packs. He later found the bending tower and join as a water bending apprentice.

Fun FactsEdit

  • He has two bothers, one of them is Hazen, who is a Fire Bender. He also had another sibling, but it is unknown whether this sibling is alive.
  • He is one of 'the three'.
  • He has the voice of Aubrey Graham.
  • When Kabu was forced to retire by the Firebenders on the basis that he was 'losing his touch', Ash was made the deputy.